Dublin gastric band aftercare 2015: Address change !!!!

DUBLIN (09am - 03pm)

Harvest Moon Centre, 3d floor
24 Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2

AT our Weight Loss Clinic we take pride in our comprehensive after-care program which has been proven to be the most effective program for long term weight loss and weight management. As part of your after-care

  • You will have access to a member of our medical team, for initial consultation or aftercare/ gastric band Fills
  • You will receive full expert nutritional guidelines which are worded in a way that is easy to understand whilst still explaining every detail of the foods and drinks which you should consume along with explaining portion sizes, cooking instructions and how to re-adjust your eating habits.
  • You will receive tailored exercise guidelines which are structured around your own abilities. Whatever your goal is, we will work towards it as a team!

At our Cosmetic Clinic you can have a  consultation or post operative check -up with a member of our plastic surgery team Free of charge.


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Gastricband aftercare clinics in the UK and
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