New pre- and post-bariatric surgery diet resources launched

NDR-UK has launched two innovative new resources, developed by specialist dietetic colleagues at NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Scotland. The comprehensive, 80 page book is designed to support patients before and after gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery (not gastric band surgery - for information on this, please see resource 9014).

According to NDR-UK, the recipes have all been tried and tested and are easy to prepare and cook. They are high in protein and low in fat and calories. The ingredients are all easily sourced and the recipes are suitable for all the family. They are divided into breakfasts, soups, lunches, main meals and desserts. There are at least seven recipes in each section (for a week’s meals). All recipes are coded for different consistencies, whether able to be frozen and if vegetarian. The recipes have handy hints and are nutritionally analysed for a small, bariatric sized portion.

"In NHS Ayrshire and Arran we use the recipe books to support our pre-operative practical cooking session. The groups really enjoy these sessions, we find it encourages them to do more home cooking and to increase their awareness of portion sizes and optimal consistencies at different stages post-surgery. They are also really good fun!" said Pam Lindsay, Bariatric Dietitian, University Hospital Ayr, and co-author of 'Recipes for Life'

The book will soon be available to be purchased by the public, advising that is should be used in conjunction with the information given by a Specialist Bariatric Dietitian.

For further information, to view a sample or to order 'Recipies for Life' (9016), please click here

'Pre-operative 800Kcal Diet' Booklet (9015)

This 16 page booklet is for people preparing for bariatric surgery who need to follow a diet high in protein and low in calories (kcal), carbohydrate and fat for two weeks before their surgery.  Three options of the 800kcal diet (often called the 'Liver Shrinkage Diet'): using normal consistency foods, soft/liquid meals or meal replacement drinks.

For further information, to view a sample or to order 'Pre-operative 800kcal diet' (9015), please click here

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