conversion surgery

Belgium Surgery Services and Dr Chris Debruyne offer the follow revisional surgeries at the AZ Jan Portaels Hospital  :

- New gastric band port and tubing : 1700€

- gastric band removal : 2500€

- conversion gastric band and to sleeve : 6500€

- Conversion gastric band  to mini gastric bypass : 7450€

Dr Chris Debruyne is available to perform a number of revisional surgery as follows:-

  • Band Removal
  • Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Band to Mini Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopy or Minimally Invasive Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Dr. Chris Debruyne is an experienced revisional bariatric surgeon and has performed a large number of such operations.

Although bariatric surgery is usually quite effective, at times, it does not work as well as one would like.  In such instances, a surgical revision may be considered.  When contemplating another bariatric operation, we must decide if a revision will work and what the risks of such a procedure will be.  There are several factors that help us make this decision:

  • When the initial operation was performed.
  • Where the initial operation was performed.
  • At what stage the surgeon was in his / her career at the time of the operation.
  • What postoperative instructions were given after the initial surgery.
  • Initial weight loss history following surgery.
  • Any complications that may have occurred following the initial operation.

Now, we will discuss each of these factors individually.  The type of bariatric surgery initially performed is very important when considering revision because some types of surgery have been known to fail or have less long-term success. 

Weight loss history following the initial surgery tells us if the operation was ever effective or if it “failed the patient” from the very beginning.  


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