Mini-gastric bypass

Mini gastric bypass  or one anastomosis bypass is safer than the gastric bypass and more effective than gastric sleeve or gastric banding, but only advised for treatment of obesity where diets and exercise fail.

It’s a laparoscopic procedure that involves stapling of the stomach along the greater curvature, leaving only a small tube for the new stomach pouch. The procedure works both ways.  By minimizing the stomach pouch, Dr Chris Debruyne reduce the amount of food that can be eaten. By bypassing a part of the intestines ,but not as much as with RNY gastric bypass,  Dr Chris Debruyne reduce the absorption of calories.

Mini-bypass has the advantages of gastric banding and bypass surgery, but not it’s disadvantages. It’s reversible if necessary.

This kind of surgery has the advantages of gastric banding and bypass surgery, but not it’s disadvantages. It’s reversible if necessary.

The mini gastric bypass largely works through malabsorption and little through restriction. This is achieved in several ways.

  • Dumping syndrome: this is an uncomfortable feeling, which is stimulated by the food in the small stomach pouch going directly to the small intestine. This feeling tends to be caused by eating sugars and by eating too quickly. Dumping stops a lot of patients from eating sweets, which is one of the reasons for weight gain after purely restrictive operations, such as gastric banding and gastroplasty. This dumping syndrome differs from patient to patient and appears to increase in the years after surgery
  • Quick feeling of fullness: the smaller stomach pouch causes an early feeling of fullness, which inhibits the intake of food.
  • Reduced feeling of hunger: the feeling of hunger reduces appreciably. This can be explained by the fact that the stomach pouch is separated from the stomach, as a result of which less of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) is produced.


  • 4 taxi trips between airport, hotel and hospital
  • 5 nights stay in a hotel near the hospital for 2 people. This means you stay 1 night before the procedure at the hotel. Then 2 nights at the hospital. And again 2 nights at the hotel.
  • Your personal coach visits you the first evening in the hotel to explain the schedule, answer your questions, handle finances and you 'll receive his visitcard in order to reach him 24/7
  • Consultation with your surgeon in hospital during the morning before OR
  • Visit from your personal coach to give personal advice and addresses of our clinics in your home country if necessary (aftercare)

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