Breast implants

Lots of women today, dream of having full, beautiful breasts. Commonly after pregnancy, substantial weight loss and age, breasts lose their firmness and are often empty and smaller. A breast augmentation could be a solution to all of these, resulting in larger, firmer and younger looking breasts. Your confidence will be boosted and your cup size increased! A successful breast enlargement is one that is not too apparent, natural looking with almost invisible scarring. As Award winning breast augmentation clinic 2014 we only use the best implants on the market: 

What happens?
Through the infra-mammary fold, nipple or axillary.
The implants can be introduced through the infra-mammary fold, nipple or axillary (under the armpit); an incision of approximately 3 cm will be necessary. The axillary approach is slightly more difficult and the risk of post-op hematoma  is higher, this is due to the longer distance between the incision and the breast.

Under the muscle or under the gland?
It is always preferable to place the implant as deep as possible. Which means: retro-muscular or retro-pectoral. This is the standard position. In some cases it is preferable to place the implant more superficial. In other words: retro-glandular. Dr Wilikens use this position in cases of ptosis (sagging breasts).

Choice of Implant
Choosing the right implant is important. Your surgeon is the person who will be able to guide you in your choice.  There are four factors to be taken into consideration:
1. The size of the implant
2. The shape of the implant
3. The filling contained by the implant
4. The manufacturer of the implant
1. The size of the implant
Most women want a natural look. Mostly we talk about implants with an extra volume between 200 and 300cc. Implants increase in size by a volume of 20cc.
After having chosen the right size implant for your body, you need to choose the profile of the implant. Here you have three different profiles to choose from: high profile, medium profile and low profile. The high profile implants, for example, will give you more projection and are smaller in diameter compared to a low profile implant. Your surgeon will help you make the right choice.

2. The shape of the implant
There are two different shapes of implant: round and anatomical. Each one having its advantages and disadvantages.

Round implants
The round implants are filled with a supple gel and can be introduced through a small incision. Often this type of implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle; the effect is almost anatomic, given the pressure and the thickness of the muscle over the top half of the implant. Round implants are often cheaper than anatomical implants.

Anatomical implants
The teardrop shaped implant is filled in with a firmer gel. The lower part of the implant is thicker than the upper part. As not to damage the implant when being introduced the incision has to be slightly longer than that of the round implant. Usually this type of implant is not introduced via the nipple.

Round implants are the most frequently used. Your surgeon will again help you pick the right ones for your body.

3. The filling contained by the implant
The implants are filled with a silicone cohesive gel or a saline solution. The outer surface of the implant is slightly rough; this is to help avoid a capsule formation.

Silicone Implants
These are the most popular implants, they have no seams, and are manufactured in one whole piece. The new generation implants are guaranteed against rupture. Silicone implants are the best implants that exist to mimic real breast tissue.

Saline Implants
During the surgical procedure the surgeon fills the pocket of the implant with a saline solution. This is done through a valve in the implant. Due to the presence of this valve such implants may leak fluid in the implant.
Saline implants feel less natural. They can be introduced endoscopically, through the belly button; this leaves minimal scarring.

We don't use implants from which the effectiveness has not been proven.

4. The manufacturer of the implant
We only use very high quality implants. We do not try to cut costs where implants are concerned, we want what’s best for you and your body. For this reason we only work with manufacturers that give a minimum of 15 years guarantee.
To obtain an almost invisible scar, we use absorbable sub-cutaneous sutures, with glue on the skin. There are no classical stitches to be removed.
When the implants are introduced infra-mammary, you will have a very fine scar in your natural fold. Implants that are introduced through the nipple or the belly button leave very faint scars.

Thanks to improved surgical techniques, and advanced technology in anesthetics, breast enlargement can be carried out under local anesthetic  accompanied by sedation but most patients choice for general anesthetics. The procedure is carried out in daycare surgery. 

Pain is at its worst during the first 48 hours following surgery. You will receive painkillers  (Ibuprofen and paracetamol) which will control the post-operative pain. Your wound will be covered by a small dressing which you can remove 2 weeks following surgery. Having removed the dressing you will be able to shower normally. It is recommended that you wear a special support bra for 6 weeks following surgery. Normally you can return to work one week following surgery. Sporting activities that involve using the pectoral muscles (fitness, power-training, tennis) should be avoided for one month post-op. The implants need two months before they are securely in place.

Risks and eventual complications?
Breast augmentation is one of the safest surgical procedures. It involves superficial trauma to the body. Rejection of implants due to infection, and the formation of a capsule around the implant are very rare. The risk of capsular contracture has been greatly reduced thanks to the rough surface of the implants and the fact that they are placed retro-pectoral. In case of capsular contracture, the problem can be treated.

All our surgical procedures are carried out under the safest conditions by a team of highly qualified professionals.
Even though breast enlargement is carried out under local an anesthetic, you are continually monitored (blood pressure, electro-cardiogram, and oxygen flow) by an anesthetist  and one or two fully qualified nurses. It is only by working in such an optimal environment that we can guarantee patient security.

The objective of a local anesthetic is not only to eliminate pain, but also to reduce the formation of ecchymosis and reduce the amount of bleeding.

If you are on any sort of anti-coagulant treatment (acetylsalicylique acid, cardio-aspirin, asaflow, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan, etc…) could you please inform the surgeon and anesthetist.
Following surgery, the surgeon will give you his personal mobile number, so that you feel safe.
The most frequently asked questions
How do I choose the right volume for me?
You will be able to try different sized implants during your consultation with the surgeon.

Will I be able to breast-feed following a breast enlargement?
Yes, you can breast-feed. The lactic ducts are not involved or touched during this procedure.

Will I loose sensitivity in my nipple?

Will the implants need to be changed?
Normally the implants should last for 15-25 years. We only work with manufacturers ( Mentor Implants) with lifetime guarantee

Are silicone implants risk free?
Yes, scientific studies have proven that silicone is not harmful. As of today, there is no link between silicone and breast cancer, or auto-immune disease, or rheumatoid infections. With the latest technology it is impossible for the implant to deflate. The silicone contained by the implant has a solid consistency and the outer layer is completely impermeable.

Is it necessary to have an annual check-up?
No, it is not necessary.

How to detect breast cancer?
You will have to undergo an ultra-sound of the breasts. Implants usually interfere in the detection of breast cancer.

Is an implant placed behind the muscle more painful?
No, some pretend this, but this is not true. During the intervention the muscle as well as the gland are infiltrated withe local anesthetic.

Our prices are all inclusive (taxi trips, hotel and hospital stay,…) and will be given to you by mail or at the consultation in our aftercare clinics in your home country.


  • Silicone implants with lifetime guarantee
  • Visit from your personal coach to give personal advice and addresses of our clinics in your home country if necessary (aftercare)
  • At least 2 nights stay in the B&B hotel near the hospital for 2 people
  • Your personal coach visits you the first evening in the hotel to explain the schedule, answer your questions, handle finances and you 'll receive his visitcard in order to reach him 24/7
  • Consultation with your surgeon in hospital during the morning before OR

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