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Eyelid Correction - Cosmetic Surgery 1 - Surgery - Belgium Surgery Services

Eyelid correction

The eyes are the mirror of your face. Excess skin and folds on the upper eyelids or baggy eyelids give the impression of permanent fatigue. Upper and/or lower eyelid surgery can return that open sparkling regard, that you once knew. This sort of procedure is actually in the “hit parade” of the 3 most frequently carried out plastic surgery operations.


What happens?
Upper eyelids
During the operation, the surgeon removes the excess skin which is dragging your eyelids down. This is done through a fine incision in your natural crease, which leaves an almost invisible scar.

Lower eyelids
Bags under the eyes are often caused by pockets of fat and are usually accompanied by an excess of skin. The operation involves removing the fat bags and excess skin through an incision made just under the eyelashes or at the inner side of the eyelid, which means that there is no visible scar.

Most of the time a local anesthetic  is sufficient. Although, it is possible to sedate a nervous patient, and if necessary put them completely to sleep.

After surgery, you will need to rest for approximately one hour before returning to the hotel. You will not be able to drive immediately following surgery. Some medication will be prescribed (Ibuprofen and paracetamol) which you will be able to take in case of pain. The day following surgery, you can expect your eyes to be swollen and watery, in addition your vision may be blurred and reduced. Bruising should subside after a week or so (for upper eyelids), but can take slightly longer when both upper and lower eyelids have been operated on.

It is advisable to wear sunglasses when you go outside, and indoors ice-packs and gel masks can help to sooth the eyes and reduce swelling (although not scientifically proven). Your scars will be slightly red for a few weeks, but will eventually fade to an almost invisible line. You should be able to return to work 3 days following surgery, nevertheless, you may wish to wait a little longer should your job involve a lot of client contact.

Stiches will dissolve spontaneously.


All our surgical procedures are carried out under the safest conditions by a team of highly qualified professionals. Even though eyelid surgery is carried out under local anesthetic, you are continually monitored (blood pressure, electro-cardiogram, and oxygen flow) by an anesthetist and one or two fully qualified nurses. It is only by working in such an optimal environment that we can guarantee patient security.

The objective of a local anesthetic is not only to eliminate pain, but also to reduce the formation of ecchymosis and reduce the amount of bleeding. If you are on any sort of anti-coagulant treatment (acetylsalicylique acid, cardio-aspirin, asaflow, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan, etc…) could you please inform the surgeon and anesthetist.

Following surgery, the surgeon will give you his personal mobile number, so that you feel safe.

Risks and eventual complications
Eyelid correction is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. Thanks to the surgeons many years of experience, this procedure is carried out under the safest conditions and always gives spectacular results.

Our prices are all inclusive (taxi trips, hotel and hospital stay,…) and will be given to you by mail or at the consultation in our aftercare clinics in your home country.

  • 1 night hotel near the hospital
  • 4 taxi trips between airport, hotel and hospital
  • Your personal coach visits you the first evening in the hotel to explain the schedule, answer your questions, handle finances and you 'll receive his visitcard in order to reach him 24/7
  • Consultation with your surgeon in hospital during the morning before OR
  • Visit from your personal coach to give personal advice and addresses of our clinics in your home country if necessary (aftercare)

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