During the aging and after pregnancy,  the labia sometimes look  less attractive and grow longer. There’s a relatively common treatment which is called the labia correction. Many women feel  pain or discomfort in daily activities such as cycling, horse riding or even when having sex. The cause is often in the shape or size of one or both of the small labia. This problem can be solved with a relatively simple procedure, often under local anesthesia. A labia correction can be performed for aesthetic reasons or for reducing your complaints. It will improve your symptoms  and your self-confidence.
 After the operation swelling can occur and sometimes a little blood loss. The scars afterwards are barely visible.


The internal lips are also known as the small lips. They differentiate themselves more or less from the external lips or the big lips. This is completely normal. The size of the lips strongly differs from one woman to another. The lips can also vary from one side to the other. The lips can inconvenience a woman when she rides a bike or while doing sport. They can be visible when wearing a bikini or other tight clothing. Women can feel awkward within a sexual relationship.
This subject is taboo for a lot of people and yet there is a simple operation that can remedy this problem.


What happens?
The surgeon eliminates the excess skin of the lip/lips. It is you that determines exactly the extent of the correction needed. The clitoris and the nerves stay intact. The sensitivity of the erogenous zone stays exactly the same.

The wound is sutured under the skin and then next stuck back. This operation leaves no visible trace.

Thanks to state of the art operation techniques and a constant progress in the field of anesthetic these last years, the lifting of the internal lips is carried out under a light/local anesthetic. After the operation it is not necessary to stay in the clinic.

After the operation you will rest for about an hour at the clinic and then you can go back to the hotel. You will be able to walk but you should be aware that it will be difficult the first few days. When the effect of the anesthetic will have disappeared, you will take painkillers (combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol) which will help you cope with any eventual swelling. For your comfort, you will wear a large pants, with a protective slip. You can also disinfect the wound twice a day with isobetadine.

The Plastic surgeon carries out the operations in conditions of total security, surrounded by a professional team.

Although the correction of the internal lips is usually done under local anesthetic, you are constantly monitored by the anesthetist (automatic and repetitive measure of the blood pressure, constant measuring of the oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram). One or more highly qualified nurses will equally supervise. This surrounding will guarantee that you have faultless safety. The local anesthetic allows not only an operation without pain but also a minimal risk of blood loss and the appearance of bruises.

If you are taking coagulant drugs, please inform your doctor of this first (for ex., acetylsalicylic acid, asaflow, cardioaspirine, dipiridamole, plavix, sintrom, marevan e.a.).After the operation, you are able to contact your surgeon at all times on his personal mobile number, if you have the slightest question.

Eventual risks and complications
This operation does not involve any complications. We avoid bleeding by meticulous coagulation by laser the different areas subject to bleeding and thanks to beneficial effect of the local anesthetic.

Even if the level of hygiene is not optimum, problems of infection rarely arise. After the operation, the wound has to be well disinfected(with isobetadine or a seated bath).

Our prices are all inclusive (taxi trips, hotel and hospital stay,…) and will be given to you by mail or at the consultation in our aftercare clinics in your home country.


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